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The loan can be requested online on the Bankate website. At Bankate Bank, the processing time as well as the time from application to loan payment is kept very short, the online loan application is usually processed on the day of the application, a credit decision is made relatively quickly. Once the loan application is completed and Bankate Bank approves the payment, the contract will be mailed. edited by Bankate on the same bank working day. From the moment the client’s signed credit documents and other requested documents are available to the Bankate Consumer Bank, the final inspection takes place.

Mortgage Bankate

Mortgage Bankate

Fixed target interest rate, net loan amount, monthly installments for the amount to be paid, target fixed interest periods, loan agreement. Other expenses that include the registration costs of a mortgage in the amount of the loan. Note: The borrower is required to conclude home insurance with additional expenses. Positive credit decision, acquisition of owner-occupied residential property, only new addition, financial requirement up to max. 60% of the purchase price, securing the loan agreement by registering a first-class real estate lien.

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Voucher that is sent from the house bank to the customer and contains information about credit and debit memos on the customer account. This is the code number with which each credit institution can be identified individually. If the lender provides the borrower with either a fixed amount or a cash amount up to a maximum amount for a given period and at predetermined conditions, the amount of the loan will be paid in cash.

The abbreviation for all capital requirements proposed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, which will gradually come into force for the whole EU area from 1 January 2006 to 2008. These rules essentially concern the distribution of risks between the client’s creditworthiness and the amount of the loan, which are recorded in the form of rating procedures.

The creditworthiness of the future borrower is assessed on the basis of criteria such as income, other liabilities, previous repayment behavior, etc. Income from persons before social security contributions and tax. Comparison of costs and income for an individual, a host family or a company. For individuals, the term household account is also used, which also refers to the comparison of expenses and income.

Fund industry: Bankate wants to defer payments from funds

Fund industry: Bankate wants to defer payments from funds

The largest Swiss private bank in the euro area, Swihum for short, announced last wednesday that the bank supervisory authority was requested to postpone the payment for up to two years. According to the report, 80% of bank investors disbursed their shares amounting to around EUR 2.6 billion until last Friday. Last year, investors withdrew nearly $ 30 billion from mutual funds, more than ever before, according to the association.

But even in the Federal Republic some of the open real estate funds suspended the share buyback after heavy outflows.